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we ❤  worn in wooden toys, it means they have been LOVED

we ❤  worn in wooden toys, it means they have been LOVED

We LOVE our wooden toys to be worn in. Yes, that's right, your read this correctly. The more scratched, the more dented means the more they have been loved by little hands and hearts. To us it shows LOVE, it shows dedication, it shows it has been played with over and over again. Which must mean its a toy favorite!

I have gathered some pictures showing examples of our iconic post boxes letters from our household. You can see all the edges are scratched, paint is worn-in but its still perfectible usable.The post box letters still do their job. They still get posted. They still get loved. They are just not perfect or brand spanking new. This is the nature of wooden toys, to get worn in a little. So don't be afraid. And besides, we don't like perfection.

Wooden toys are also among the easiest as well as the most enjoyable to repair. There are various methods of fixing them from simple glue to custom building parts.

You gotta remember too that wooden toys are not one single piece of plastic that has been spit out of a factory machine. They are many pieces of wood, carefully put together to hide wooden nails or joints so you have a smooth finish. So that might mean there are some weak points that might actually break off. Of course it totally depends on the child playing with the wooden toy! Some kids are just a bit more heavy handed. I have a had a iconic tram floating around my house for 6 years and all my boys loved playing it until one day a friend (not mentioning names here!) decides to sit on it and ride it in the garden and throw it down the slide and of course a wheel broke off. It was easy to fix. 

We don't like putting things in a land-fill either. And somehow wooden toys just last the distance better and stand the test of time! Wooden toys are always the preferred favorite over plastic in our house. Don't get me wrong, we do have plastic toys, they are hard to avoid and we have a little Shopkin's addicted child over here!

Wooden toys may seem a little more expensive at the time but a better investment for us in the end. They just don t seem to date or go our of style and not a trend or a fast fad. I can't tell you how many different phase's my kids have gone through over the years and one things for sure is that they have not lasted, from Pokemon to Fidget Spinners - wooden toys just seem to last the distance in our books.

There is just something a little more traditional and charming about wooden toys that we LOVE. And something that brings us back to our own childhood memories or just simple play. We have even kept a lot of our wooden toys that our boys have played with over the years (ahhhhh they are all grown up now) and put them in attic for save keeping. Exactly as they are, all worn in and played with. And we hope that when our kids are all grown-up and maybe have kids of their own one day; we want to bring out their worn-in iconic tram or iconic post box - and say "here go babes, this was yours when you were young and looked how much you loved it". It will probably have that retro-vintage feel that we all love and bring back memories of the time when they were a kid too...

So don't be afraid. Let them play and let them love their toys.


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