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the ute brings back endless hours of play

the ute brings back endless hours of play

My boys loved playing with their iconic tram when they were young and "giving people fines for not having tickets!". Then they would murder everyone with their cars! Like literally run every little tram passenger over with their cars. Gasp! I guess that's just what boys do. They play. They are loud. They can sometimes be a bit heavy handed. But that's ok, at least they were just playing.

I am sure my boys would have loved an iconic ute just as much -  if they were around when they were young and little. Now sadly,  one is almost a teenager and the other almost there too. Its all about iPads, homework and Nerf wars. I really do miss the days when they would play on the floor with their wood tram and just use their imagination for endless hours of play. I would be in bliss too because I was in the back-ground listening to all that great chatter! To be honest it just helped me to just get stuff done, like errrrr cook dinner or hang the washing! It's a skill that all kids need and sadly they don't get enough of this type of play these days.


Bring back those days...I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! 



This ute comes with 3 little passengers, Kelpie dog, tool box, eski and surfboard. All the things you might just find in a real ute. 


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