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please don't add water to wooden toys 💝 like our tea set

please don't add water to wooden toys 💝 like our tea set

We love our iconic tea set and it's ones of our favorite creations. There is soooooooooooooooooooo much fun to be had playing with this tea set and the cute little sugar cubes. Tea parties always lift our mood.  We love drinking up a pretend almond chai or a skinny mocha latte. Mmmmmmmm yum ( wish it was the real thing).  There once was a time when we didn't order a skinny chai latte or a soy flat white. Coffee or tea was it. We actually prefer a really really really milky tea with lots of sugar or just a regular chai latte. Today's 3-year old Barista's will grow up with all the new cafe lingo.

But it's important to note that all our wood toys are just for pretend play only. They are made of wood and although they are quite solid they are also quite delicate. We thought we might write something here on our blog post about water and wood toys and how in-fact they are not a good combination. We had one customer quite disappointed that when her child used water in their wooden tea set it began to split and the beautiful varnish peel off. And this will happen if you add water to the tea set!  I have tested this myself and shown a few images below for you. A good little trick I used to do with my kids was make it clear to them - which are the in-door toys and which are the out-door toys. The ones outside tended to get trashed a bit more and chucked in and out of the cubby house & sand pit, but the ones inside we took more care of which is a great lesson for kids to learn.

All of our packaging says for *Pretend Play* and we have also now added a little warning on the description on our webpage for all wooden toys. Next time we make more tea sets and print more boxes we will also add this to the box packaging for your guys.


We also write on our packaging:

- Paint may fade with natural wear.

- Wipe clean with a damp cloth, do not use detergents (now this does mean wash them in the sink with water! LOL).

and always and of course,

- Children must be supervised at all times as some parts are a potential choking hazard. Take care not to swallow small parts by mistake.

ALL of our toys are toy tested to Australian and NZ toy standards. We even are over cautious  and even made our sugar cubes on this tea set bigger than the standard just to make sure they not a choking hazard. 

So if you want a tea set that can be used for water play we suggest you use a plastic tea set and not a wooden one. Even a - tin - tea set used with water might rust with time and use. But our iconic tea set is perfect for pretend play and perfect for indoors and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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