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make Australia Day simple and just eat ice cream

make Australia Day simple and just eat ice cream

Make Australia Day simple and just eat ice cream

We love Australia Day as it simply gives us another day to enjoy as a family before the kids go back to school. We try to not to overthink it and plan anything fancy. We simply spend time as a family and reflect on all the amazing Aussie icons there are and how happy we are to be here, back home. So we say,  take it easy and just do simple stuff on Australia Day this year and we listed a few ideas for you.

1. Eat an iconic Aussie ice cream

Paddlepop, Golden Gaytime, Choc Wedge or Bubble O Bill - these ice creams are serious childhood classics from the 70's, 80's and today and still some of our all-time favorites no matter how fancy future ice cream have now become. Every bite takes us back to the days to our very first encounter with these classics. Undoubtedly Australian these ice creams are seriously now iconic. 


2. Make some Fairy Bread even if its not your Birthday. 

Remember when you were six and your birthday was something to get excited about? Really, really excited about? Presents, games, some balloons, all your friends, a giant cake and of course fairy bread. Sugary, rainbow coloured hundreds and thousands coating spongy white bread. Mmmmm. Almost better than blowing out the candles and making a wish. Almost.


3. Drink a Big M. 

We love milk and we love strawberries. Mix them together and you get a iconic lunchtime drink. We remember Big M drinks from the tuck-shop at lunch with our meat pie and we loved them so much and part of our childhood memories. We also loved a Chocolate Big M and but were never quite sure about an Egg Flip Big M.

4. Go for a family drive!

Chuck the kids and a surfboard in the back and even add the esky. That's what families used to do in the 70's before fancy entertainment like we have today. My parents used to say "get your thongs on, we are going for a drive kids!" We would just hit the road and not really know where we were going but it usually ended up with ice cream and visit to the playground or the beach. Those were the simple days.


5. Eat a Aussie Burger with THE LOT please!

Go to your favorite good old fashioned and just order some hot chips and Aussie Burger. The humble burgers is an icon found all around the world. THIS is how Australians do a Aussie Burger with The LOT! Burger Bun - a soft pillowy and distinctly sweet bun with sesame seeds. It should be able to withstand juices and burger sauces. Lettuce - fresh and crisp! A slice of ice berg lettuce adds a bit of crunch. Onion - raw or slowly cooked to golden brown. These are a must! Pineapple - a slice of pineapple is the quintessential signal that you are actually eating an True Blue Aussie Burger. Sometimes briefly grilled. Sauce - BBQ style with a hint of smoky flavour but definitely dark in colour a contrast nicely to the sweetness from the beetroot and pineapple. Beetroot - Typically Australian. Why? Because it gives it a sweet flavour and best added last to avoid sogginess. Bacon - salty, sweet, delicious. Tomato - some people like them, some don't. You choose. Egg - the fried egg is another symbol of an Australian burger with The Lot. The yolk must be soft and oozing. Cheese - we like cheddar, melted for best effect and optimal taste. Single or thick sliced. Beef - the foundation of any good burger. Cooked medium with a bit of char on the outside.

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