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👫 School's out and that means it's time for PLAY ✏

👫 School's out and that means it's time for PLAY ✏

We loooooooveeeeeeeeve school holidays!  It means sleep in's and pyjama'  all day (like at least till midday). It means having time to play with your kids instead of rushing about for the school run - which we appreciate more now that are kids are older. It's an important time to relax and recharge - both parents and kids. And we like to catch up with friends that we have not had time to see for a while because somehow our lives have become so busy. We look out for things to do with the kids that are special and specifically on just on the school holidays. And we also have a basic list of simple stuff to do (see below).

makemeiconicplaytoysschoolholidays1 makemeiconicplaytoysschoolholidays2

We actually have found coloring-in really relaxing lately and they say its a great mindfulness exercise to do with little ones. If you have signed up to our Newsletter you would have receive our free iconic ice-creams download where you can color in as many ice creams as you like.... You can also download it here.



Enjoy the school holidays and relax......

Ahhhhhhh that's better.








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