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😊 relax, our people are simply just people 😊

We wanted to write a little post here just to give you some information. Firstly, thank you for purchasing our products and we hope you enjoy them and thanks also for taking the time to read this and clarify things. Our intention with our toys is always just to "play & enjoy".  Simple. We do however get emails every now and then about this and thought it would be nice to clarify things for you. Our tram, ferry and ute people are "just people" and our products are just a toy with no hidden meaning behind them. They are there just to be enjoyed with and played with. 

I wont get into the nitty gritty about our product development, product costing, and manufacturing limitations too much in this post, because that's my job and that's what I do and it might get a bit boring and complicated for you. I do however have to comprise on design sometimes in order to make a product cost effective and viable - and like with anything in life there is always a compromise and and off-set for something else. There are also things which we think are more of a priority in our toys such as safety, design and quality. 

We wanted you to know in this blog post that "the people" on our toys are no race, no gender (unless shown) and no color and they are simply just "people". They are not pure white, they are not pure black they are not pure yellow skinned. They are just a color to appear like flesh from a human and not green like an alien.

I am only a small business and it simply comes down to cost and production to create different skin tones. In fact, the skin tone is just the wood showing through, it's not even paint so is the tree deemed to be racist? To create different color on the base (which is just the wood color coming through - remember) would incur more costs, more complications, more mistakes, more time and a higher prices for the end consumer. If we add different colors on the face then maybe we can't have hair on their head? And would I then get lots of emails saying complaining that there is no hair on the heads of the people? If I use different woods then once again the price will increase. If I show different skin tones do I have the right balance of ALL races? What if I only show one dark skin tone, is that not enough and not a fair balance for some consumers? Do I need to show people with difference sexual preferences? How do I show that? As you can see, I might not please everyone and might not get it right for everyone.

These people are hand-painted on some parts - sometimes. There are many toys on the market that have no particular race and we are just another one of those companies. And then there are many toys on the market that show lots of different races in their toys because they have zillions of dollars in budget and can afford different product categories. 

So please remember, before you send emails to us which might not be nice and a generalization about me or my company please remember "the people" in my toys are just people AND we are all just people. My toys are the way they are simple simple due to costs and product development.

I come from a multicultural back ground myself and my family is mixed of different nationalities, countries and customs. This is what makes life so beautiful and interesting. We use different cultural models on our packaging, Instagram and marketing materials - reflecting the wonderful multiculturalism of Australia and we hope that you can appreciate that. Because there are all types of kids that play but our toy people are "just people" with no set agenda.

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