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Arnott's Shapes are just perfect as a wooden toy

Arnott's Shapes are just perfect as a wooden toy

Most Australians undeniably have some Arnott’s Shapes in their cupboard, as a favoured go-to snack. Somehow Shapes were guaranteed to be at every kids party since you were little, and always sitting next to your sandwich in your school lunchbox — right? The dispute will forever continue over which flavour is best and sides might be taken, whether you’re a Pizza person or a Barbecue person. And then there is the unsung hero, the Chicken Crimpy (which might have has been robbed of its rightful tiara). Whichever you choose as your fave, they are here to stay.


Now you can add a classic Aussie snack to your kitchen play set, for even more fun. Forget the American style cookies or the French branded Fromage cheese toys for your kitchen set — these mini wooden Arnott's Shapes bickies are so much more iconic and are a delightful size for little hands to share, swap, count and organise. And when the fun is over for the day, store them in their keepsake little tins. Yummy, nostalgic, nice’n’neat and as authentically Australian as a Ute. Perfect.



Ages 3 years +

Complete with 3 x Tins of Arnott’s Shapes Bickies + 6 x mini bags (12 x Barbecue Shapes + shape game, 13 x Pizza Shapes + counting numbers, 14 x Chicken Crimpy Shapes + matching game)

15cm (L) x 13cm (W) Box

Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non-toxic paint 

Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box

NOT to be used with water or any liquid which is standard for any wooden toy. This is a pretend play toy only.




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