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an easy Easter Paper Craft Tutorial

an easy Easter Paper Craft Tutorial

Hello! Gosh we are so excited. This is our first blog post - like ever - and thought we should share something with you. At Make Me Iconic H.Q. (H.Q. as in Head Quarters) Easter is fast approaching and some of our friends asked us to design some Easter egg handout's for the little ones in school. We thought that was a pretty good idea and so we designed this little box and thought we should share the creative inspiration.

How to make - well it's not very hard really

We simply used a cardboard white take-away box purchased at our local shop or craft shop. We also found an old English map book from our local Op Shop and printed over the top. We then shredded any scrap map paper and used that as the cushioning for the eggs. We made little gift tags in the shapes of eggs and tied them with string. We think they look so cute and easy to fill up with chocolate eggs and pass out to your class mates. Bring on the chocolate....


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