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I agree to the Make Me Iconic terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Our corporate gifting are available to approved businesses only (we still need to approve you)
  • Corporate applications must fully disclose the type of business, location, and the intended use of corporate purchases as directed in the approval process.
  • Corporate purchases are not for personal use, cannot be promoted on any websites, and are not for resale, under any circumstance (yep, sorry)
  • If an applicant seeking corporate gift approval is a marketing firm sourcing for 3rd party businesses, that business and its intended use of our product must be fully disclosed and the applicant must acknowledge that these terms and conditions have been communicated to the 3rd party client
  • All approved purchases will be based upon stock availability at the time an order is placed
  • Requests for items and pricing agreements will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis
  • No all of the items may not be available for corporate purchases
  • Minimum orders of 50 units per item is required to receive corporate purchase rate consideration (special consideration for higher priced items so just please email us)
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for approval applications to be processed and we will get back in touch with you
  • Returns or refunds are not allowed after an the order/payment has been accepted or processed
  • Shipping charges will be added to invoice
  • Payment terms - payment must be made in full before we send items out. A 1.5% processing fee will be charged for all credit card payments otherwise we accept direct debit deposit or cheque..
  • Make Me Iconic is under no obligation to approve accounts and may, at its discretion, not approve an account for any reason (sorry again)
  • Corporate gift approvals do not imply that an account is approved to buy wholesale

Are you interested in a corporate account with us? Yay!! Our stuff makes great corporate gifts! We’re always into partnering with companies who like our stuff. But hold on, before you start applyin’, here are a few guidelines that you may need to check out first. Grab a cuppa and have a quick read.....

  • Our products must be used for employee or event gifting only!
  • Our products must NOT be used for resale (and we are really serious here so no funny business please).
  • Our minimum order is 50 units per item
  • We can only sell you our Make Me Iconic branded stuff and can't put your company logo on our products unless you want to buy a minimum of 1,000 units
  • And an application approval is needed before placing an order with us so please take the time to fill this in...