We give 2% of TOYS to the Royal Children's Hospital

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We give 2% of TOYS to the Royal Children's Hospital

Each year we LOVE giving away our toys to the Royal Children's Hospital at the very special Oncology Unit. We basically just fill up the car with toys and drive them over. It's an honor and privilege to be involved and quite frankly the very least we can do. We know our toys will put little smiles on little faces.

Our toys are great for sitting up in bed and just playing with - if only to be distracted for short time. We just walk around and give the kids whatever they want off our trolley which they also get to keep and take home.

It really is the least we can do... and we look forward to each December.

This year we gave away 2% of our profits in TOYS and last year we gave away 1% of our profits in TOYS.

And in 2018 we have to give away 2% again..

Much love Make me Iconic

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