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have some fun with word stamps craft ideas

have some fun with word stamps craft ideas


We love making stuff and hope you do too. So we had fun designing this cute little rubber stamp set to help you make your own craft projects at home. It could not be more easy than with a stamp set - just dip into an ink pad and stamp onto paper and card. Presto! You have your own cool stuff and at a fraction of the cost!

Make your own greeting cards, gift tags, party decorations, Bon Bon's, gift wrapping and various craft projects - with this gorgeous stamp set. Perfect for any celebration.

This iconic words stamp set includes MERRY CHRISSIE, HELLO POSSUM, OY! (oh-i by definition means Hello!), You BEAUTY!, TA DARLS, NO WORRIES, DINKI-DI BIRTHDAY, GROUSE, FAIR DINKUM, G'DAY, GOOD-ON-YA stamp.



To make these super cute little party poppers it was easy. We used some grid graph paper but any paper will do (dig out your old maths homework books or pop into Officeworks to but some). Simply measure the size of the party popper and cut your paper to size and cover the original packaging label. Cut another small piece of paper and with one of our Make Me Iconic word stamps from our sets - stamp a word that you like onto the paper. Here we choose GROUSE and G'DAY. Then to finish just glue these words to your party poppers and we liked the look of them sticking out a bit and not perfectly straight. Job done.

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