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All children love playing with vehicles be it an ambulance, fire engine, car or truck but who would have thought they could play with something so stunningly quirky as the iconic W-class Melbourne Tram!

This olde worlde charm toy provides endless opportunity to utilise old fashioned imagination. Your child will be the envy of all their friends and have admiring onlookers transfixed as they scoot about with this high quality toy.  Coming to a halt at 'Couch Stop', proceeding to 'Television Stop' and terminating at 'Kitchen Stop', children will delight in picking up and setting down gorgeous wooden passengers as they navigate various tram routes throughout their play environment.

The wooden Melbourne tram, is a definite MUST HAVE for any household wanting to stimulate their child's imagination and creativity with toys that will not only provide hours of entertainment but, are reminiscent of the high quality wooden toys of yesteryear... There are definitely no batteries, plastics, flashing lights or annoying mechanical sounds here! 

The iconic wooden tram is painted with authentic colours.  This wonderful creation also comes complete with 12 wooden passengers and 2 uniformed tram conductors that have their own cabins at each end of the tram.  It has wheels on the bottom (for pushing and zoom-zooming) and the lid comes off for little hands to easily get inside.

Designed in Melbourne by a real old fashioned toy maker called Mike , this wooden tram is an heirloom toy.  Manufactured with quality materials, this tram will not only be played with by your child (and let's face it, the adults in the house as well!)  the test of time and can be lovingly handed down to little hands of future generations. 

The wooden Melbourne tram is carefully crafted using non-toxic materials and designed to comply with Australian toy standards.  The cardboard packaging is also made from recycled material which can be used for cutting-and-pasting and creating other wonderful creations... It's amazing how far a cardboard box can go with some glue and sticky tape!

This iconic wooden toy is the ideal gift choice for any littlie looking for a toy that is far from run-of-the-mill.  Get one today and see the joy on your child's face as the bring their imaginations to life...The more your child plays with it, dints it and scratches it the more vintage it will look when passed down in years to come... Bless!

You can buy one from our site now for only $90 and FREE postage for all orders over $150



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