We got tired of the same-old-same-old saying "it's a girl" or "it's a boy" or even "congratulations". So we came up with an iconic saying - MADE IN SYDNEY. Which we think is pretty cool and unique - assuming that it, that the baby has been made in Sydney? Well we are pretty proud of the fact that we have at least one of our kids actually made in Australia so worth celebrating we say! These iconic paper banners can be strung up at a baby shower or simply sent as a really special greeting that will adorn the new arrivals wall or just strung up as decoration as a long-lasting bedroom wall adornment - these iconic banner sets will be loved at every stage

We made them a softest pale grey, not pink or blue - that's just too obvious. This way you can either keep them this delicious pale soft grey or paint and decorate them as you like. We had fun doing so and might just be the creative break you need while taking care of baby! In these images we have simply sprayed the bottom of them blue in a belayage effect and took us less than 2 secs!.

These MADE IN SYDNEY packs are now ON SALE and were $15 and now only $2! OMG! So get in quick to grab yourself a real bargain!

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