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Very excited again to be in the July issue of Cosmopolitan with Zooey Daschanel on the cover (photography by the wonderful Athena at Red Rabbit Photography Apart from loving this current issue the team at Cosmo have featured our NEW iconic treat pillowcases for only $55 for a pair. We have already read our copy cover-to-cover and loved the tips on how to wear winter boots and detox your body in a day.
Stock is coming soon so pre-order now and we will simple send the stock out to you when it the first to get it!
Remember when you were six and your birthday was something to get excited about? Really, really excited about? Presents, games, some balloons, all your friends, a giant cake and of course fairy bread. Sugary, rainbow coloured hundreds and thousands coating spongy white bread. Mmmmm. Almost better than blowing out the candles and making a wish. Almost. We decided that we loooooooooooooooooved fairy bread so much but perhaps not the sugar rush or calories and decided to re-create our favourite party treat in pillowcases instead. So each night you can snuggle up to your much-loved treat without feeling like you need to hit the gym the next day. These pillowcases come as a pair (some of the best things in life are always a pair) on beautiful soft white crisp cotton sheeting. These pillowcases can be mismatched with any combo of linen that you already have or simply team up with a simple white set.....perfect.....Mmmmmm....


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