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We wanted to share with you some beautiful ways to decorate and gift wrap your tea towel tubes. We get asked a lot for ideas! This one is actually simple to do but looks mega complicated. Trust us - it did not take that long and we had fun doing it!

We love black at Make Me Iconic - one of our absolute favourite colours and then mixed in with brown craft paper (the actual tube exposed) and then a flash of hot pink. Wow! You will need: black tissue paper, hot pink fluro string (its actually Builders Line or Brickies Line from Bunning's and I have all the fluro colours and use it over and over on wrapping), sticky tape, Washi Tape and scissors.

Directions: Cover the Make Me Iconic label of the tube with black tissue paper. Tie some pink Brickies Line string around the middle in random lines. Knot off and leave short edges hanging.  

Accordian fold some different lengths of tissue paper and keep the folds really tight and nicely creased. Tie some string around the centre of your paper and keep the lengths long. Cut the ends of your paper strip into a rounded or triangle shape. Start to separate out your folds by pulling gently so it opens out like a butterfly. Do one side at a time.  

Once you have made two different sixes of paper pops simply sticky tape to the top of the lid. We also use some Washi tape here.


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